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Hey girl!

Let me be your cheerleader &

guide you to your happy place. 


Isn't it time you started living the Pink Avocado lifestyle? It's about being blissful in all aspects of life and feeling great! 


I started my 40s with struggles. I had a child that was in and out of hospitals, a terminally ill father and to top it off a failing marriage! But these struggles lead me to dig deep and find what I had forgotten - belief in myselfI found a coach and realized I needed accountability. I stopped trying to lose weight, I stopped seeking approval from others & I gained the courage to believe in myself again. I focused on the process and let the results speak for themselves.


And now, this is what I want to do for you. 







Hi my name is Cathy


And the first thing you need to know about me is I grew up a foodie. Always have been one and always will be one. I mean how could I not? I worked at the family restaurants, bakery and gourmet shop. For me, food has always been a symbol of love. 


I also happen to be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, which means I truly believe that healthy food should taste amazing. And I don't just preach this - I practice it. 


This passion for nutrition and good food has led me to Pink Avocado.


While working with me, you will learn to appreciate food in a whole new way. Within weeks you may notice a difference, not only in your weight, but in your mood, energy levels, and more! 


So what are you waiting for? Let's meet and help you find your happy place! 



My Specialties



What I'm all about


What is Holistic Health Counselling?


I will take into consideration mind, body and spirit when working with you to develop an individualized program to meet your needs and goals. In holistic health, the client is very much dictating the flavour of the program.  My goal is to help you create a happy, healthy holistic lifestyle that is sustainable.  


Why Holistic Health Counselling?


Health is so much more than the doctor's office, the food on your plate.  Its what your thinking and saying.  Genetics, hormones, environment, and your state of mind greatly contribute to your well being.  I take all this into consideration when working with nutrition.  My goal is to teach you skills that are not only achievable but sustainable.  Improving your health improves your lifestyle.



Is Accountability Coaching for me?


Accountability coaching helps those who are trying to lose weight, learn to manage a new health condition or create new healthy habits.   Introducing a holistic health lifestyle that is easily adapted towards your own personal situation.  Each person is unique as is their plan.  During our individual holistic health coaching sessions, you and I, together, will create an individualized program specific to your needs. I will provide you with a practical, strategic plan for implementation and accountability to achieve your goals.  


A message from Cathy


There are two parts to being successful:


1. Knowing specifically what to do for your body



My coaching not only provides you with nutrition education but encourages you to take the actions necessary to reach your goals!


I believe for every problem there is a solution.  Embracing a positive attitude, we will work together as a team, looking beyond the food at lifestyle changes to help make success achievable and sustainable.  


Each program is individualized. Every single nutrition session is different. Your meal plan is created just for you. As is the support.  We identify your needs and plan accordingly.


My 3-Month Promise: I commit to working with you for at least 3 months. In order to work with me, I ask you to do the same. 



We begin with an in-person, Skype or phone call.


Create a plan that works for you and will be provided with everything you need

to be successful in reaching your goals. 

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