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Packing the Perfect Picnic!

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Packing the Perfect Picnic with Pink Avocado

Summer is officially here! Kids are finished or finishing school, the weather has been beautiful in my part of the world! So its time to pack a picnic basket and go! It really doesn’t have to be fancy, in fact keep it as simple as possible.

I remember many years ago, my family was travelling in Florida and my mom really wanted the family to picnic. As life would have it, torrential summer rains hit just as I was about to take a bite of my sandwich. My brother and I did the typical, screaming, fighting, laughing you know total annoying kid stuff, while my parents attempted to pack things up and get us to the car safely and not “kill us” in public! We ended up under a bridge parked in the station wagon the weather still too bad to drive. It was the best lunch, filled with laughter and fun and I swear there was a rainbow at the end, and so started my love for picnics!

Into the Woods.....

Here of some of my picnic tips:

1. Check the weather🌤

2. Pack a blanket, you can invest in a waterproof one, or use an old blanket, tablecloth or sheet. I bring garbage bags for clean up and extra to put underneath the picnic blanket to keep moisture out. (just be careful it maybe slippery when you get up)

3. Keep the food as simple as possible, pick up prepared foods and snacks, pre-cut fruits. Crackers, grapes, cheese are great snacks.

4. Don’t forget a corkscrew, if you are taking wine.

5. Use Disposable Dishware If you’re eco-conscious, the idea of bringing on plastic might not appeal, but trust me: you don’t want to be dragging the heavy breakable stuff. Fortunately, there are brands that use wood, bamboo, and recycled materials. Seek them out.

6. Bring One Knife

Plastic knives just don’t cut it sometimes. Carefully pack one real knife—a camping knife if you have one—and have it handy in case there’s baguette to be sliced. I wrap mine in tea towels, handy and a little safer.

7. Pack Extra Herbs & Lemon Wedges

8. Pack Games, Table Topics available on or they are lots of fun.

Pro Tip: buy a corkscrew that doubles as a bottle opener so you can open everything from individual spritzers to mini champagne bottles!

Bring a Portable Speaker, be extra✨


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