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Random facts about me:

Celebrating my birthday month, 52, this month, by sharing some useless information about me!!

Sharing Part of Me

1. I'm the eldest and I’m bossy. I'm actually surprised when I'm wrong.

2. I've never watched The Bachelor

3. I don’t drink

4. I'm a Morning person

5. My First fake ID, for a gym

6. I totally prefer cookies to cake, unless it's cheesecake I've baked

7. My favourite season is fall

8. I’ve never tried pumpkin spice any drink. I think it’s a waste to drink your calories

9. My favourite book is the dictionary words fascinate me, except I can’t spell . I still have to spell check nutritionist, I just did!

10. I actually love research, I’ll google anything

11. I swear way too much

12. I’m a good listener but if I get excited about the topic then expect frequent interruption. (I'm sorry in advance)

13. I talk a lot, but I’m quiet spoken

14. I used to be shy, then I stopped

15. I think and overthink about almost everything. I can easily spend countless hours doing nothing but thinking.

16. I like quiet. In the morning, afternoon, evening, basically all the time.

17. I’m not sentimental about things, I toss out tons of stuff but I have a pair of pink scissors my dad gave me he got free with fill up at Esso when I was 10

Mugging for the camera, since 1967

18. I’ll google anything, I love to learn.

19. I don’t mind being wrong, I always apologize

20. I have a thing about good manners and always being polite, so if you are rude, chances are you aren’t my people

21. I’m only 5.2” I say I’m 5.3, I think because I’m slightly delusional and optimistic at the same time

22. I bought my first nutrition book when I was a teen (Jane Brody)

23. I like kind people

24. I’m very visual, I love all things creative.

25. My closet is colour blocked

26. I love a good laugh, I don’t take myself seriously.

27. Currently looking at treehouses to rent for an overnight with my kids

28. My kids will tell you if I’m mad and I’m still talking you are safe, but if I get quiet it’s literally DEFCON 1

29. I'm very feminine, but I definitely have balls

30. I like my own company

31. I can give myself a headache if I talk too much

I was going to give a list of 52, for my 52nd birthday, but I got bored! lol



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